2019-2020 Executive Council:


President - Duncan Wisniewski 

Vice President of Membership - Jake Burchfield 

Vice President of Service - Belle Swaner

Treasurer - Meredith Goergen

Corresponding Secretary - LouAnn Crosby

Parliamentarian - Allie Starnes

Historian - Coulter Burns

Secretary - Emma Webb


2019-2020 Chairs and Co-Chairs:


Membership Committee Chair - Jake Burchfield

Membership Committee Co-Chair - Ben Wallace


Service Committe Chair - Belle Swaner

Service Committee Co-Chair - Kyra Moyer


Fundraising Committee Chair - Meredith Goergen

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair - Taylor Bergeron


Sisterhood Committee Chair - Coulter Burns

Sisterhood Committee Co-Chair - LouAnn Crosby

Social Committee Chair - LouAnn Crosby

Social Committee Co-Chair - Peyton Nelson


Plumes Chair - Josh Todd

Mending Chair - Amelia-Grace Hill

Music Chair - Rebecca Strange

Ritual Chair - Allie Starnes

Merchandise Chair - Rachel Bolden

Chapter Officers and Chairs

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