Sister Spotlight

Rayna Burkard

Rayna Burkhard is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Sciences Pre-Med with a minor in classics. She’s originally from Huntsville, and she plays the Clarinet in the AUMB and Concert Band.


Rayna decided to join TBS because she got involved in band service her senior of high school when she served as a drum major. She was thrilled to find out that Auburn had band service organizations, so she could continue to give back to the band. Joining TBS was a no-brainer for Rayna: “When I went to all of the rushes, the TBS sisters welcomed me in and were inviting. It seemed like a family that I really wanted to be a part of.”


This semester, Rayna got a little! She loves that her little is someone who she clicked with instantly, and she can’t wait to welcome her little, Kyra, as a full-fledged sister very soon! When Rayna isn’t crafting for her little, she’s doing a stellar job as our Vice President of Service. Rayna was surprised with the nomination for the office, but she has done an excellent job all year of planning our various service events. From helping Scouts earn their music merit badge to helping the GTA’s in the band library, Rayna loves knowing she’s making a difference. Rayna’s favorite band memory was the first day of R.A.T. camp: “When I walked through the doors I was really nervous and didn’t really know anyone besides the few people here from my high school, but I walked through Goodwin and immediately felt at home and knew this is where I belonged, and I still feel that today.”